IMB Prayer List

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

(REE-oh day juh-NAIR-oh) – Amber Hill, an IMB missionary, has finished language ... read more

Karamojong of Uganda

(CARE-ah-muh-jong) – Pray for the security situation in Uganda’s Karamoja ... read more

Jews in the Southern United Kingdom

Rosh Hashanah (literally translated: Head of the Year) is the Jewish New Year celebration. It ... read more

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

(HOE-chee-men) – Thanh, Hao, Phat, and Nam have heard the gospel clearly, but they ... read more

Chuabo of Mozambique

(SHWAH-boh) – Pray that the hearts of the believers among the Chuabo of Mozambique ... read more