Adult Choir

The most visible group in our music program, the HBC Adult Choir sings each week in Sunday morning worship providing a music message and support for congregational hymns.  During the Christmas season, the Adult Choir also provides an uplifting musical presentation as well as local caroling and Christmas Eve service support. The Adult Choir meets each Wednesday at 7pm and is comprised of around 40 volunteer singers, leaders and musicians.  Membership in the Adult Choir does not require audition. See our FAQ’S About HBC’s Adult Choir for more information.


  Director of Music
  Kevin Hugel
A member of Hughesville since childhood, Kevin has served as Director of Music since 2007.  He began singing in the adult choir at the age of 13 and has served the music program in various capacities including praise team leader, early worship director and assistant choir director.  His music reading skills were developed as a trumpet player beginning at age 8. He studied broadcast production at West Virginia University before returning to the music program at HBC. Kevin and wife Julie, live in Hollywood with children Allison, Cara and Owen.

Our Instrumentalists
  Abby DiMarco

Originally from San Diego, CA but raised in a military family, Abby DiMarco has lived all over the U.S.  Growing up she attended many southern and independent Baptist churches along their journey. Abby began playing the piano at age 12 and studied music at Hyles-Anderson College in Crown Point, IN.  She obtained her Master’s degree in music education from Hyles-Anderson in 2012. Currently she operates her own piano studio in southern Maryland where she teaches more than 50 students of all ages.  When not seated behind a piano, she also enjoys running, drawing and traveling. Abby and her husband Matt live in Callaway.

  Children & Youth Choirs
  Kathleen Ray
Kathleen serves as Director of both our Psalm Singers children’s choir and our new Youth Singers.  Kathleen and her husband Jim have been active members at HBC since 2002 and have two children, JJ and Danielle.  Growing up in an Air Force family, Kathleen has lived all over the US. She studied piano as a child and took part in chorus and drama programs in her high school years.  Kathleen loves seeing the talent that God has placed in the children and is overjoyed when she is able to help them use that talent as praise to our Lord.
  Tifanni East
Calvert county native Tifanni East serves as Assistant Director for our Psalm Singers children’s choir.  Tifanni attended Calvary Bible Church in Lusby as a child and later studied music at Washington Bible College.  She holds a bachelor’s degree from Salisbury University with a minor in music. Tifanni and her husband David now reside in St. Leonard with Psalm Singer children Lilly and Logan.

FAQ’S About HBC’s Adult Choir

  1. Do you have to be a member of the church to sing in the choir?
    No.  Choir is open to all believers high-school age and older.

  1. Do you have to be able to read music?
    No.  Many who sing in the choir are not great music readers.  You will learn a lot with practice as time goes by.

  1. When does the choir rehearse?  Is childcare provided?
    Choir rehearses most Wednesdays at 7pm in the choir room for 90 minutes.  As this coincides with other Wednesday programs, there are other children’s programs available until 8pm.

  1. How do I know which part to sing?
    Talk with the Director prior to rehearsal if you are unsure which part you should be singing.

  1. How do I join the choir?   
    Attend two rehearsals.

  1. Can I bring a visitor to rehearsal?  
    Whether a prospect or just a friend or family member, visiting guests are always welcome in rehearsal.

  1. Is there an assigned seating order?
    No one has an assigned or promised seat on a weekly basis.  Often, depending on attendance for a particular week or program, seating will be adjusted.

  1. Can I take my music home to practice?  
    You can, as long as you’re sure to bring it back at the next rehearsal.  The choir doesn’t have an unending supply of copies for members to have one copy at home and one at the church and one in your car.

  1. When will I be assigned a folder number and robe?   
    After your 2nd rehearsal.

  1. Does the choir sing every Sunday?  
    Yes.  We sing for the 10:30 worship service every Sunday and at special services (Christmas Eve, Easter, special concerts, etc…).  The exception is during a short summer break.

  1. Does singing in the choir interfere with SundaySchool class attendance/teaching?  
    No.  Many of our members teach SundaySchool and most attend.   Occasionally, a schedule conflict could arise but this happens rarely.  Just be sure to be ready to sing by 10:15 in the choir room each Sunday.

  1. If I miss Wednesday rehearsal, should I sing Sunday?  
    I only encourage you to sit-out if you have not recently rehearsed the songs being presented on that Sunday.  Normally we will rehearse each song for several weeks so missing one rehearsal wouldn’t prevent you from singing.  Missing many weeks and “dropping by” on Sundays is a problem. Conversely, if you are going to miss an upcoming Sunday, don’t skip the Wednesday practice.  We’ll be working several weeks’ worth of music.