Deacon Ordination 2015The deacons at Hughesville Baptist Church strive to fulfill the biblical model for deacons as outlined in Acts 6:1-7 and 1Timothy 3:8-13.  We believe deacons must be men who are above reproach and have a heart for helping the pastors care for the congregation as well as the business of the church.
Ministry Teams
The deacons are divided into ministry teams that fulfill key needs within the congregation.
  • Baptismal Team - To help baptism candidates, by making sure all their needs are met, prior to, during, and after baptism.
  • Benevolence Team - To administer benevolence offerings to needy church members and other members of the community.
  • Homebound Visitation Team - To reach out, and minister to church members who cannot physically attend church.
  • Hospital Visitation Team - To visit and comfort church members and friends admitted to or recently discharged from the hospital.
  • Lord's Supper Team - To prepare for the observance of the Lord' Supper by having responsibility for the elements, utensils and linens.
  • New Member Assimilation Team - To provide a personal contact to every new member and help each of them connect by encouraging their involvement; and processing visitor information slips and making follow-up contacts.

Current Active Deacons: Barry Fisher (Chairman), Chad Liverman (Vice-Chairman), Ryan Brady, Joe DiMarco, Jim Morton, Mike Plitt, Craig Stillwell, and Don Tomlinson.